Photography wasn’t my first love (I’m not sure what was if I am honest, probably pencils, paper, matches, and fire.. and caterpillars) but I do like looking and staring at stuff, investigating, being quietly nosy. And in a interminable lifetime spent ferociously drawing and painting (badly); until the year 2000 that is when it all stopped abruptly, it is clear that the main element of photography – LOOKING (or is it ‘seeing’?) – is sort-of ingrained within my ‘being’, even if it wasn’t being used to its full extent… if it was being used to any extent at all.

My first proper camera was the (apparently infamous) Fujica STX-1, which up until recently I’d thought was a present for my 18th birthday from my parents but it is now quite possible that I may have bought it for myself from a friend. Anyway, however I came to own it is irrelevant, it is now classed as a ‘vintage’ camera and the years have passed-by slyly without me really noticing. Apart from the falling-out teeth bit, I notice that a lot.

I am currently using both the X-T2 and X100F cameras by Fujifilm, and if my otherwise excellent mobile phone had a better camera I would be using that too. I like the way in which different technologies force me to see differently. Overall I still see myself as more of a ‘snapper’, though I don’t use that as a self-deprecating derogatory term, it is merely the best description I can come up with… I like to go for a wander, find stuff, and take its picture. It’s as simple and uncomplicated as that.


I have been creating bespoke websites since 2002, either hand-coded or (as is most likely these days) using Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress.  So if you need a new website building, or a old one updating or a broken one fixing you should give me a call.

I also have many years experience of creating and running integrated personal and business profiles across the internet, and if like many you are struggling with finding the time to do all that (boring) stuff you should contact me about that too.