And so I made another one now that I have gotten my head around some of the simple technologies, though I would still wish to be able to create a simple track-list…. Anyway this one is called ‘25072016’ and is another randomish selection from my digitial library. The library would have been a lot larger had I not in the past had a tendency to delete gigabyte after gigabyte of the stuff on a whim.


I create the ‘playlist’ in Music Bee, I play the playlist in Music Bee or Foobar2000 and record it all off the soundcard with Audacity. I used to use Mixx to do it all in one but alas it kept crashing, so I binned-it.

Here is the link if the ’embed’ refuses to work – mixcloud.com/kevin-rudeforth/25072016/

Free and ‘Open Source’.

Music BeeFoobar2000Audacity

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