My first exhibition of 2017 will be at the Kardomah94 on Alfred Gelder Street in Hull starting on Monday March 6th and (afaik) running for the whole month. This was initially to be a joint show with the always-excellent David Drasdo but he has had to withdraw. The exhibition is part of a year-long series of shows organised by ‘Photography from Hull and Beyond’ (PfHAB) and my work will now be on display alongside some other members of this highly talented Facebook group.

Unless something terrible happens I will be exhibiting 5 prints (3xA2 and 2xA3); it was originally six but one of them just doesn’t look right so I’ve binned-it. The photographs were printed onto vinyl and then mounted onto 5mm Foamex before being given a gloss laminate – Personally I think they look great (as a finished product) though i might go for a matte laminate next time.

I wont actually be at the opening of the exhibition (I’m assuming there will be one) because I will be somewhere up the east coast with a man from Toronto trying not to drop my camera in the sea.

Images from the whole of the exhibition are available to view on the page. Art at Kardomah94 carries information about current and future artists showing their work in this premier food and entertainment venue in Hull


I used ‘John E Wright’ on Scarborough Street (Hull) to get my photographs printed mounted and laminated, and I will be using them for my December exhibition and for anything which comes along in-between… great quality at an excellent price. –

December Exhibition

My other exhibition for 2017 (unless I sneak another one in-between) will be a solo affair at the Pave Bar in Hull, for that one my current plan is to have around 20 (mounted) prints on display and of course available for purchase. And with Christmas just around the corner…….

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