I have been building websites since the start of the century. I taught myself to hand-code initially by looking at the HTML code of websites (right click/view code) and seeing how the designers did things, and then trying to emulate them myself.

Learning my trade

But this only got me so far. Hanging around internet newsgroups is how I really got to grips with the beast. Reading posts and their replies and asking lots of questions myself, many of them stupid tbh… BUT we should never be afraid of asking the stupid question. My HTML (and CSS) skills grew rapidly thanks to the patience, and kindness, of fellow members.

First Class Honours degree

In 2005 I was ‘asked’ to go to university by a lecturer friend keen to fill up the seats. And, having been out of school/education for almost 30 years I decided to take him up on his offer.

And so after 2 years of hard enjoyable slog i came out in 2007 with a BSc First Class Honours degree in Web Technology, and an award for ‘Best Website’ from a local web design company. I still have the certificates to prove it.. somewhere… possibly… I should check.

Building websites for you

Which brings me to the point that if you would like a new website building (including e-commerce), or an old one sprucing-up or fixing because it is broken, then I am able to do all that for you.

I also understand the need for everything to be integrated seemlessly with all the relevant social-networking platforms.. In fact tbh I was explaining this ‘need’ to clients long before it was a thing. Often they would just stare blankly at me. But thats another story 🙂

Over the years I have created and run various social networking profiles for clients who are unable (or unwilling) to engage fully with the process. Today I still write some of their blogs for them – so if you need that doing then I can do that too.

In short, I can build and run it all for you, or I can build it and teach you how to run and organise it all.

You can use the form on my contact page to get in touch. Thank you.


Current clients include (renowned Documentary film-maker) Sean McAllister, (Hull based Wedding Photographer) Phillip Clarkson, (Strength and Fitness Coaches) Strive 4 Strong, and local civic society group ‘The Friends of Hull General Cemetery’.

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